ABK Groupe reconstuted tobacco technology

ABK Groupe offers the opportunity to recycle 100% of waste tobacco thanks to a Reconstituted Tobacco machine starting from a capacity of 5TPD (pilot plant) up to 150 TPD. Production costs can definitely be reduced.
The manufacturing of reconstituted tobacco for the cigarette industry started in the 1950s. The production of  reconstituted tobacco sheets based on papermaking technology is an environmentally friendly high-tech process with significant social and economic values. Different processing methods are used in this technology. The tobacco stems, leaf scraps and dust in cigarette manufacturing are further processed and become reconstituted tobacco sheets with high added value and special applications. Through this process and the technology of natural abstraction, the reconstituted tobacco sheets are as good as natural tobacco leaves or, indeed, even better.


Less waste, more profit in cigarette manufacturing

By using reconstituted tobacco sheets in the cigarette industry, the raw tobacco materials can be utilized to their greatest extent; hence, waste materials can be changed into value-added materials. Due to the continuous increment of tobacco, the cigarette manufacturers can make basic profits by using RTL technology and, at the same time, help people's health. In fact, by using an appropriate quantity of reconstituted tobacco sheet in cigarette making, the physical properties of the cigarette itself can be improved and the chemical composition can be regulated, thus upgrading the quality of cigarette and lowering the level of tar.


ABK Groupe free of royalty

ABK Groupe is the only paper machine producer who can supply a complete Reconstituted Tobacco Machine without any restriction or payment of royalty fees to a third party. Do not hesitate to contact us for references and presentation.