Pilot Plant

Pilot plant facilities

The state-of-art soft and hard calender allows ABK Groupe to proceed a full range of tests.
Such tests are implemented either to develop new products for an existing customer, or to fine-tune the best calender rolls configuration for potential customers.

Reliable in-site test procedures

The generous space of ABK Groupe’s large workshop of a total of 11.000 m2 allows the full pre-erection and partly testing of all equipment, before it is shipped to customer’s sites. A complete test facility for our crown control rolls is available in our premises. ABK Groupe is proud to state, that customers can continuously acknowledge the high quality and trouble-free commissioning of equipment delivered and erected.

ABK Groupe R&D activities supported by Research centers

Further evidence of  ABK Groupe’s involvement with R&D activities is given by the close collaboration with Technical Institutes such as the CTP of Grenoble (Centre Technique du Papier) whose work is directly connected with the internationally well known Papermaking School of Grenoble.