Stock Preparation




Whatever the wet end concept and machine speed, the headbox is the heart of the paper machine. Thus it must be designed with the right technology…

   Headboxes (264 ko)


Forming sections

The ever-growing requirement of paper quality and production performances has confirmed the application of wire section as forming technology…

   Forming sections (259 ko)  |   Shaking unit (269 ko)


Press sections

ABK Groupe press sections are custom made in order to achieve greater performance in terms of productivity and runnability...

  Press sections (447 ko)


Drying sections

The drying section is one of the most energy consuming part of the paper machine, which shows all the importance of its conception, ABK Groupe with its aeraulic division (ex. Madeleine Drying Solutions) can supply complete drying sections which meet modern requirements of consumption, efficiency and runnability…

  Heat exchangers (336 ko)


Web stabilizing

Capitalizing on more than 50 years of know-how and experience in the paper industry, the aeraulic division of ABK Groupe is a full-scope supplier of reliable equipments dedicated to the ventilation of paper mills, and a well-known provider of state-of-the-art heat recovery and drying solutions…

  Hood and pocket ventilation (318 ko)


Sizing and coating

Most of paper and board are sized and/or coated in order to improve surface properties and printability...

  Size press and film press (329 ko)  |   Coaters (302 ko)


Chemical kitchen



Contactless drying solutions

ABK Groupe offers to customers a full range of coat drying solutions from the traditional dryers chromium plated going to the most modern air-turn I-Turn™ , from the gas fired IR IDry™ banks to one side or tunnel AIR FOIL DRYERS.



Thanks to more 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing all kind of calenders, it will be with great expertise that ABK Groupe will propose the best solution corresponding to each customer’s needs…

  Calenders (255 ko)



ABK Groupe is offering reelers for all paper grades from tissue to writing and printing, and from fluting to heavy board…

  Reelers (381 ko)



ABK Groupe winders can handle any grade of paper from light tissue up to heavy board...


Air dryers

Air vector is employed in drying process every time the characteristics of a sheet require gentle treatment and forbid mechanical contact…

  On-line air dryers (326 ko)



No mechanical equipment is perfectly functional without a control system of the newest generation of electronics, controls and drive systems. Our automation division has given the development of such systems the utmost priority, resulting in controls and drives that are easy to handle by the operator.


Hydraulic and lubrication

ABK Groupe team is composed of highly experienced engineers offering all the hydraulic and lubrication components of a production line.