Nonwoven machinery

Forming tables of high technology

Top quality non-woven products need high technology forming tables. ABK Groupe has been involved in the evolution of forming tables from the very beginning of non-woven modern technology. ABK Groupe offers high technology solutions for the manufacture of PET and PP, with excellent cross machine profiles for spun bond grades. The web is held in place in all phases of its movement, from the spinning beam lay down, to the passage through the table combining/sealing presses, up to the entry into the high temperature embossing calender.


Focus on design and materials

The tables are very efficient due to a long development over the years in terms of design and materials to eliminate sheet stealing and static electricity on the tables. ABK Groupe is also specialized in winding. Final Products being destined for the hygienic, medical, technical and industrial markets. Moreover, ABK Groupe has the technology for inclined table formers for the manufacture of special products such as non-woven abrasive pads, filter paper and other grades.