Design & engineering

Experience, knowhow  and expertise in paper machine manufacturing

A team of more than 40 skilled engineers and designers works in 3 important departments: design, project applications and Organization & Methods (O&M). Making use of  last generation electronic systems, CAD softwares (SolidWorks, Inventor), combined with a software for simulation of fluid dynamics, this experienced engineering team is able to manage   comprehensive projects and the overall design of complete paper production lines (from A to Z).


Study of your project under the supervision of qualified project managers

Under the supervision of qualified project managers, the design and engineering team executes the conceptual, preliminary and detail design of the ABK Groupe equipment.  Making use of the experience gathered along many years, and especially during the ABK joint-ventures with major players of the paper industry in the 90s, our designers and engineers are fully dedicated to the study of design requirements, feasibility assessments, basic/detail engineering and production planning.