Core values

The mission of ABK Groupe

The mission of ABK Groupe is to become a major reliable supplier to the paper industry worldwide. Given today’s environmental concerns, more than ever before our group concentrates on developing  high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment, offering also specialized in-house and on-site services to promote responsible production through technology, experience, and innovation.

We are committed to developing careful understanding of our clients' needs and to providing our customers and partners with trusted and valued service, as well as with the level of support they need to become successful.


The responsibilities of ABK Groupe

Conscious of our mission, we believe that our responsibilities are threefold : towards our clients, our employees and towards the industry. We realize that it is tough to be perfect in business. However, we work hard to do better, endeavoring throughout to improve the level of service and suitability of the solutions we offer.

In keeping with its mission, ABK Groupe is constantly at work to support the clients, and the community as a whole, following current industry best practices while maintaining the quality and the overall value of its equipment and services.

This is what gives meaning and value to our business.


The corporate values of ABK Groupe


Every individual working at ABK Groupe, from management team to single employees, is guided by the group’s corporate values. Since day one, in 1952, we have been implementing and practicing these values in an effort to create and build up long-term relationships with clients, partners, employees, and with the industry and the communities we serve. In doing so, we hope to make ABK Groupe our clients' firm of choice, our partners' provider of choice, our employees' workplace of choice and our industries' professional of choice.



We pledge to always treat our clients, employees and any corporate resources, including partners and our industry, with the fairness and respect they each deserve. Respect is what drives our dedication and motivation to constantly uphold ourselves to the highest standards of industry conduct.



ABK Groupe is an innovator in many ways. Our staff is motivated to develop innovative ideas on a daily basis, not only for our services and technology, but also for clients processes, sales processes as well as for other internal processes of the group divisions.  We strive to be creative in delivering value and we keep working hard  to understand the needs of our clients, our partners, employees, and of the industry and communities we serve.
Our commitment to innovation allows us to anticipate clients’ needs, create new solutions, improve technology and services and makes ABK Groupe the ideal partner for the implementation of any project.



Without strategic partnerships and the ability to integrate with some of the most trusted, reliable companies and services currently available, we would not be where we are today. For this reason, we greatly value our integration and technology partners and we make a point of building on current relationships while striving to make new ones, all of which allows our clients to reap the benefits.


All divisions provide ABK Groupe with the necessary synergies to offer  to its clients the best available technology and services and to comply with their global projects' requirements.